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Player’s Conduct Expectations

Students and Parents/Guardians – please review and sign the Patriots Lacrosse Player Agreement and return to your coach.

Centennial Boys Lacrosse Club (CBLC)

Player’s Conduct Expectations

I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively on Centennial High School, the Club, the sport of lacrosse, and myself. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  1. I will adhere to the rules of conduct in the Centennial High School Handbook.
  2. I will maintain an overall GPA of 2.0; I will not practice or play a game if I have a grade lower than a D average in any one class. The coach should be informed of any academic shortfalls.
  3. I will attend school the day of a lacrosse game in order to play.
  4. I will attend all practices and games, unless I have an excused absence.  An excused absence is a family emergency, personal sickness, or work. The coach should be informed of a practice or game to be missed in advance, if possible.  Work schedules shall be submitted to coach in advance.  Try to schedule doctor appointments or personal business outside of scheduled practices and games.
  5. I will show respect to all coaches, officials, parents, and players.
  6. I will participate in CBLC sponsored community service and team building activities.
  7. I will participate in fundraising events that benefit CBLC.
  8. I will not cause damage or any school or community property.
  9. In order to earn a Varsity Letter, I will
    • follow CHS Handbook Rules;
    • maintain CBLC academic requirements;
    • have no unexcused practice or game absences;
    • display good sportsmanship at all lacrosse events;
    • participate in CBLC sponsored community service projects;
    • participate in CBLC fundraising events;
    • be on the Varsity roster and play a portion of 6 quarters minimum.



Rev. 3/2018

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