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What is the governing body for lacrosse?

The organizing body for boys’ high school lacrosse is the Idaho High School Lacrosse League (IHSLL), formerly TVLL, and Treasure Valley Women’s Lacrosse League (TVWLL) for high school girls. Youth lacrosse is governed by the Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL).  The Idaho Lacrosse Association (ILA) governs the sport across the state and is a member of the national governing body, US Lacrosse.


Is lacrosse a sanctioned high school sport?

In Idaho, and many states, both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse is a club sport in high school and a ‘pay-to-play’ sport.

At Centennial, boys’ lacrosse is considered a student club led by a Board of parent volunteers, which functions independently from school administration.


Who can play on Centennial’s teams?

Per league rules, a player normally joins the team of the school serving his neighborhood.


When is the lacrosse season?

High school league lacrosse is a spring sport. Official practices begin in late February and league games are in April and May. Many teams play non-league games against out-of-area opponents prior to league play.


How much does it cost to play and when is registration?

Currently, our club’s player fee is $385 for the spring season and $135 for fall season. Registration is open for the spring season from January to mid-February. Player fees are paid at the time of registration. The player fee will increase for the 2018 Spring Season. Please attend the Parent/Player Information Meeting on Monday, October 23, 2017, for additional information.


What other costs are there?

The player must supply all his own equipment.  Once a year, a limited number of team helmets are available through the club at a discounted price. (Contact club’s uniform coordinator for more information.)  Traditionally, there is a team trip during the season, which is an additional cost.  Players are encouraged but not required to go on the trip.


Are refunds available if a player quits?

Centennial has a written refund policy, which will be stated in the registration section, and is based on the point in the season at which the player leaves and the reason for quitting.


Are there try-outs?

Formal try-outs will be held based on the number of interested participants. Usually, a player who pays the registration fee can be on a team.  First-time players are welcomed, but previous experience and ability will determine whether a player is assigned to the Varsity or JV team.


How many on a team?

Currently, Centennial has a Varsity and one JV team, and each team’s roster usually averages 25 players.


Against which teams does Centennial compete?

In 2014, TVLL (now IHSLL) created two divisions for the schools within its area. Centennial’s teams play in Division 1, made up from eight Boise area high school teams.


When and where will the games be played?

During the season, each team plays two games against each school in their division, one home game and one at the opponent’s home field.  Centennial plays home games at Hobble Creek Park, behind the West YMCA.  During league play, there are two games a week, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and on Saturdays.


Why doesn’t the team practice and play on Centennial’s property?

Because boys’ lacrosse is non-sanctioned, the sanctioned sports get first right to use school property. With the limited space, there is not enough area to accommodate boys’ lacrosse.


How will the weather affect practices and games?

Inclement weather rarely cancels games, unless there is frequent lightning or poor field conditions to cause a safety concern.


Is lacrosse played during other times of the year?

Because lacrosse is becoming more popular in our area, there are now recreational teams during the summer and fall for most ages, winter indoor ‘box’ play, and travel club teams, which compete in tournaments year-round. There are also day and weekend skill clinics at various times throughout the year.


Are off-season and travel club teams affiliated with specific high schools?

Club teams, such as Boise United, Boise River and Sawtooth, are not specifically connected to a high school team. Depending on location, these clubs can draw a majority of players from a specific area or school, but in most cases, any player can pay to play with any of these club teams.


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