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Equipment List

Below is a list of equipment you will need for high school lacrosse.

Gently used equipment is perfectly acceptable.  Second-hand helmets should be no more than 4 years old and only lightly used to ensure the safety integrity.

For the most knowledgeable advice and best quality equipment, Lacrosse Idaho is the best store locally.  Other sporting goods stores do carry lacrosse items, i.e. Dick’s, Sports Authority and Big Five Sports. Play It Again Sports sometimes has decent used equipment prior to the beginning of the season. There are also many online companies that sell discounted equipment. Below are links to the best ones.

Lacrosse Monkey https://www.lacrossemonkey.com

Sportstop http://www.sportstop.com

Universal Lacrosse http://www.universallacrosse.com


Lacrosse helmet*  (NCAA approved recommended)

Maroon shell

Chrome face mask (preferred but black OK)

Black chin strap


Shoulder pads

Arm pads

Rib pads (highly recommended but not required)

Elbow pads (optional)

Lacrosse gloves (style w/ wrist cuffs recommended)

Lacrosse stick (w/ high school regulation head, properly strung)

Shoes w/ plastic cleats (Lacrosse specific not necessary)

Mouth guard (REQUIRED – colored, not clear; recommended to have an extra on-hand.)

Cup/athletic supporter (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


*The club sometimes has new helmets on-hand for sale, which have been purchased at a special club price. Contact the club’s uniform/spirit wear Board coordinator.

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