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As many of our parents know, lacrosse can present a risk for experiencing a concussion.

ImPACT™ Concussion Testing & Concussion Management

ImPACT uses software to analyze cognitive skills both before and after an injury. When a concussion is suspected, the post-injury analysis is compared to the baseline analysis to confirm or rule out a concussion diagnosis. ImPACT™ Concussion Testing provides information regarding the severity of injury and a standard for evaluating recovery from concussion. Prompt and proper concussion management is essential for a quick and complete recovery.

For more details about the ImPACT testing, go to this link:

Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS) Liberty Street location and St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic offer ImPACT™ Concussion Testing.

Both IHSLL and the Club recommend the $15 baseline test be taken and the results stored through either STARS or St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic. For the next two years, the player is covered for possible head injury, whether related to lacrosse or not.

To reach STARS, call 367-STAR (7827). For more information, see their website:

To reach St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic, call 381-2665. For more information, see their website:

Please read the informational flyers related to concussions.

Concussion: A Must Read for Young Athletes

A Fact Sheet for Parents

Note: Both hospitals provide a similar service, but a point to consider: if you need to take your son to the hospital for a concussion, especially on a weekend or holiday, the baseline test records will be more easily and quickly accessible at the hospital through which the testing was done.

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